Garmin – Xero A1i Bow Sight

Edit 2019-03-19: Claus from Garmin misspoke when he said the “Laser locate” transmit the position automatically. It has to be done manually after the shot. Second, the sight uses AAA batteries, not AA batteries, as stated in the video.

I had a visit by Claus Bo Hansen from Garmin, who presented a great bow sight, and shared a lot of good advice on archery and how to use the sight.

Garmin Xero A1i
The Garmin Xero A1i sight, which is a digital bow sight with automatic distance measurement, measures the distance to the target and provides an LED sight pin for the shot.

With the LED sight stick you can clearly see your target and you will not need physical sight sticks.

The system is equipped with a silent release button that requires minimal movement and let you measure the distance at rest or full pull, up to 90 m at animals, or up to 270 m at reflective targets.

So there should be good opportunity to hit the game or the target, almost regardless of the distance it is on.

You can customize the sight with to a single sight stick or several sight sticks, or you can manually select the sight stick.

Garmin Xero A1i sight

Xero ™ A1 and A1i are the first bow mounted laser rangefinders and sighting systems that measure the distance to the target, the of the angle, and provide an LED dot for a shooting solution, even to targets “between” sight sticks.

Having tried the sight couple of times, I have to say that I am very surprised at how easy it is to shoot and hit with the compound bow.

Now I just have to train technique and arm muscles 🙂

All in one design
Xero sight are mounted directly to your bow, providing a very accurate laser rangefinder that accurately calculates which LED sight stick is to be used for the shot.

There is no need to fumble with a separate laser range finder or guess which sight stick to use. It also gives you much more peace and calmness when the game stands at 15-20 meters distance.

You don’t make any noise and most importantly, you don’t make any unnecessary movements that can scare the game away.

Laser Range finder
There is no need to guess the distances between aiming sticks anymore.

Xero A1 and A1i bow sight instantly provide the exact distance for game up to 90 m away or up to 270 m for reflective targets, at rest or at full pull.

In addition, it also compensates for the angle so that it takes that into account whether you are in a tower or if you shoot upwards on a hillside.

LED sticks
The advantage of using luminous LED sticks is that you can clearly see them over your target, unobstructed by physical sticks.

Xero A1 uses red LEDs, while A1i allows you to use red or green LEDs.

It is incredibly easy to use the sight. You just point, press and hold the button until you have a green dot in a red circle above the target. Then release the button and there will be a new dot that shows where you will hit.

Super simple, incredibly fast and silent.

Customizable sight sticks
You can customize your Xero bow sight to a single sight stick and multiple sticks as a traditional bow sight.

If you have certain preferred distances, you can set manual selections for your sticks. You can easily switch between fixed sticks, multiple sticks and single sight post setting.

Practice makes perfect
The aim can register your training sessions and you can review statistics for different distances over time.

Hold the bow vertically
Just as with the rifle, you also need to keep the bow vertical. You will get a warning for the bow canting, which is especially useful if you are on sloping ground.

If the upper stick is flashing, it shows that the bow is canting to the right. If the lower stick is flashing, it shows that the bow is canting to the left. The middle stick always lights up. These three sticks will always appear away from your sighting sticks.

Size: 100.3 x 79.4 x 97.1 mm
Display size: 25 x 11 mm; 2.0 “diagonal (50 mm)
Display resolution: 160 x 68 pixels
Display type: Can be seen in sunlight, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Weight: 418 gram
1 year battery life with 2 AAA lithium batteries (not included)
Water classification: IPX7
Range: 90 m to game; 270 m for reflective targets
Silent shutter release button
Customizable fixed sighting sticks
Shot Counter

I think it has been very eye-opening to try this sight, even though the bow became hard to pull, after some time.

It may well be that some technique and muscles have to be trained, if I’m going to go hunting with a compound bow.

If you already do bow hunting, I can highly recommend the sight from Garmin, as it is an incredibly good help and gives you a safe shot.

Many thanks to Claus Bo Hansen from Garmin for showing me the sight, and sharing your bow hunting experiences.

I hope I will have the opportunity to show other hunting-related gadgets that Garmin produces.

We made a video, showing how easy it is to use the sight. It contains more details about the sight, and also shows some things I didn’t cover here.

Claus “Claude” S. Andersen