Jetboil Minimo

If you need hot water or to heat some food quickly, then Jetboil’s products will be perfect for you. I’m testing the Jetboil MiniMo available from

Jetboil MiniMo is a good and compact personal cooking system which can boil 0.5L water in under 2 minutes.

MiniMo is not particularly big. It takes up 127 x 152 mm and weighs only 415 grams. The pot can hold exactly 1 liter.

Jetboil has redesigned the valve and regulator, giving you total control over the flame. It is seen especially in relation to i.e Jetboil Flash where it’s either no flame or full power.

MiniMo is also equipped with a new metal handle that allows much better control over the pot when you have to take it off / on the burner or eat from it, instead of the fabric handle on the other Jetboil’s.

MiniMo has a piezo-elektrektisk ignition but can of course be ignited by using a fire steel, matches or lighter.

The lid is equipped with holes for sieving water, a hole for the coffee press and a hole for drinking. At the bottom of the pot there is a cup to protect the flux rings which may also be used for drinking and eating from.

The MiniMo includes the cannister stabilizer (the orange tripod), which I can only recommend that you use. It provides a much greater stability, and could possibly prevent you knocking the burner over and spilling your boiling water or hot food on the ground.

You can buy some accessories for Jetboil MiniMo, including: Coffee Press Kit Hanging Kit, and Pot Support. When you buy the Jetboil MiniMo it comes without a propane canister, so it must be purchased separately. MiniMo can use 100, 230 and 450 gram gas canisters.

Jetboil promises a cooking time of 2 minutes and 15 seconds for 0.5 liters of water, but as you can see in the video I could boil 0.5 liters of water in less than 2 minutes. Very convincing. I tested the 100g canister and I could boil 12 liters of water with it. Again very a convincing result from Jetboil.

Quality and durability
I think that both the quality and durability are very good, when using the Minimo. The neoprene cosy is slightly thinner compared to, for example Jetboil Flash, but MiniMo now has a very sturdy metal handle, so you don’t have to hold the cup on the cosy.

The new valve and regulator seems thorough built and easy to use. It can be adjusted very precisely and you can decide for yourself if you want full power on the flame, or if you just want your food or soup just to stand and simmer.

I have tested Jetboil Flash at 12,633 ft and it had no problems with either the ignition or boil 0.5 liters of water. It took about 3 minutes and 30 seconds to boil at that altitude, which is very good, in my opinion. I am convinced that MiniMo might make it at least as fast, or maybe even faster. I will try it next time, I get the opportunity to climb Humphreys Peak in Arizona:-)

MiniMo is really good if you are accustomed to cook and to eat out of the pot. The larger diameter in relation to the Flash, makes it really easy to use a spoon or fork eating from the pot.

I am super happy about Jetboil’s products and with the MiniMo I gain a greater flexibility when I have to cook or boil water. The cooking time for 0.5 liters of water is one of the fastest I’ve ever tried, and it is much faster than using a Trangia or a plain bonfire. It is also marginally faster than other burners of the same type, if I have to look at the “factory timings”.

I really like the new handle, especially because the pot can be a little too warm due to the thinner neoprene sleeve. It also works much more safely with a solid metal handle which is fixed on the pot, instead of a webbing handle fastened on the neoprene sleeve.

However, I miss the heat indicator, which is seen on the Flash. It was quick and easy to look at it, and then know how hot the water / food was in the pot. I hope to Jetboil will equip the next generation MiniMo with the same heat indicator.

The simmer function is also brilliant. Now you can totally decide how much heat your food is to be given, and it can be controlled very precisely.

I can only recommend Jetboil MiniMo, and it definitely has a permanent place in my backpack 🙂