Klymit – Static V

Klymit Static V is a full size lightweight inflatable sleeping pad offering traditional support throughout the body.

It is equipped with a unique v-chamber design which limits the movement of air and heat loss. In addition, Klymit Static V is using body mapping technology.

The Static V has a unique and ergonomic body-design that provides optimal fit and comfort. It takes about 10-15 blows in the practical close-easy valve filling the Static V up, which will save you time and energy, wherever you are.

Static V gives you a lightweight sleeping pad weighing about 0.5 kg which is quite unique for a full-size sleeping pad.

While Static V is one of the markets smallest full size sleeping sleeping pads. When packed it has a size of only 12.7 cm x 22.8 cm.

Here you have a top quality product that is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts who place high demands on their equipment.

The Klymit Static V includes a practical repair kit and a storage bag. Of course, all in lightweight materials.


Weight: 514 grams without storage bag and repair kit. 534 grams total incl.

Size inflated: 183 cm x 59 cm x 6.5 cm

Size packed: 12.7 cm x 22.8 cm

R value: 1.3

Fabric: 75 D polyester

Included: Storage bag and repair kit total weight about 30 grams

Body mapping technology:
The V-shaped pads are ultra comfortable, designed to mimic the muscular structure of your back. By matching the contours of the human body, the Inertia XL and Static V naturally accommodate all body types and offer enhanced comfort over standard camping pads. You’ll find the neutral body map style in our most popular pad, the Static V. Our Static pads also assure the pressure is dispersed consistently to give a more stable sleeping service, thus minimizing the ‘water bed’ effect.

The R-value of a sleeping pad, is the value that tells you the lowest soil temperature where the pad can used by, and at the same time isolating you effectively.

A sleeping pad with a specified R value of 2.1 should be able to keep you warm if the temperature on the ground is 2 degrees centigrade.

If the temperature of the ground is warmer, you can use a sleeping pad with a lower R-value, for example 1.5 if the ground is about 6 degrees centigrade.

If it is colder, you must correspondingly have a sleeping pad with a higher R-value to keep you warm. For example, if the ground is -11C, the pad must have a minimum R-value of 4.0.

Just be aware that the R-value is only a guideline. We are all different and perceive cold individually.

Therefore, the ground can feel cold for one person but warm for another, even if you use the same sleeping pad.

You can find a list of R-values here: http://www.wilderness-skills.com/klymit-static-v-review/

I think Static V sleeping pad gives a very good insulation from the ground, although it is very light and relatively thin.

Because of the thin fabric, I prefer even to place the sleeping pad inside my sleeping bag to protect it. It provides, in my opinion, also a better insulation.

When you blow it up, or let the air out, it’s a good idea to hold the valve with one hand and use the other to operate it. This protects your sleeping pad from damage around the valve.