Power Practical – Sparkr Mini Review

Does your precious pocket space belong to only the most useful and compact of tools? The Sparkr mini is just for you. It combines light and fire in one pocketable and USB rechargeable device.

FIRE UP IN STYLE: No flame to blow out, no butane, no hassle. The case is a high-temperature resistant, soft-touch plastic provides a premium and durable feel while being extremely lightweight (1.4 oz).

BUILT-IN LIGHT: A High-efficiency LED flashlight provides plenty of light whenever you need it.

USB-RECHARGEABLE: This flip-style lighter offers a classic look and feel with a technologically advanced electric plasma arc that is battery powered.

INCLUDES: A USB rechargeable electric lighter with a built-in LED flashlight. The plasma lighter creates two electric beams that cross to make lighting up in the wind or rain simple and easy.