Source – Convertube Military Review

With Source Military Convertube you can change your bottle into a hydration system, so you can drink without taking the bottle out of your bag / backpack.

Convertube is also convenient in a vehicle, where it is difficult to sit with a drink system on the back!

The bladder in several different drinking systems have several drawbacks that this set can overcome.

Some hydration systems may be difficult to clean, the water will have flavors from plastic, and it may be difficult to have other liquids than water in the drinking system due to cleaning and flavors.

This converter kit allows you to use bottles, for example, Nalgene or just ordinary soda bottles as your drinking system.

Nalgene bottles have however several advantages, including being BPA free and produce no toxic waste or flavor to your content.

Instead of a 3 liter Camelbak can now have 2 liters of water and 1 liter of energy drink, and change them as needed.

A super smart and flexible system that is already used by soldiers and others.

The kit includes the following:
– 4 bottle adapters
– A QMT hose, which can be divided into a short or long hose.
– QMT Storm ™ Valve with dust cover

Convertube ™ adapters in the kit:
– Sigg (42mm)
– Nalgene (63mm)
– Evian (24mm)
– Standard PET (28mm)

Hose length: 94 cm
Length inner tube: 35 cm
Colour: Coyote