Source – Razor 3L Review

I recommend Source Tactical Gear drinking systems as opposed to other systems, as the design gives you 100% access to cleaning the reservoir without brushing and using chlorine.
Just make sure that the reservoir is kept well open after cleaning so it dries.
For cleaning the hose, I recommend Source Hydration Pack tubing!

Razor 3L has:
– WLPS-3L 3-layer reservoir: “Glasslike” PE liner with “Taste-Free” and “Grunge-Guard” antimicrobial layer.
– Quick-Connect hose fitting that seals itself so you can remove the hose without any water loss.

Razor 3L is compatible with most water filters, and Source accessories including: UTA and QMT

Capacity: 3 Liter
Weight (carrier + reservoir): 460 grams
Hydration system: WLPS.
Hose: Insulated, 94cm.