Source – Universal Tube Adapter Review

A revolutionary solution for refilling your hydration system on the move. The reservoir is filled directly through the tube eliminating the need to remove the hydration pack from the back for refills.

Filling from a bottle – fits a variety of water bottles.
Filling Time from a 1.5L bottle: 50 sec.

Filling from a tap – Designed to fit a wide range of indoor and outdoor taps.

Filling time from tap – 2L in 45 sec, 3L in 1.05 sec.

UTA™ will begin to expand when reservoir is filled and will automatically disconnect if reservoir is accidentally overfilled.

UTA™ is compatible with all of Source QMT™ (Quick Mate Technology) systems.
Weight – 17 gr
Diameter – 40 mm
Hight – 60 mm
Material – Anti Bacterial TPE polypropylene