Wisport – Reindeer 55

The Wisport Reindeer 55 can be purchased at www.wisport.dk

A modern survival / military backpack with a capacity of 55L.

The high comfort is partly due to Wisport’s FAS PLUS ERGONOMICALLY MILITARY carrying system. The pack’s durability is really good because it is made of Cordura 1000D, and the buckles are ITW NEXUS standard.

This system is a simplified version of FAS PLUS EVOLUTION. It is based on aluminium alloy bars integrated with the rigid part of the pack that comes in contact with the back of the user.

The bars can be individually adjusted.

The alloy’s elasticity allows the frame to ‘work’ with the user and adjust to the user’s posture. All elements of the suspension system that come in contact with the body (shoulder straps, lumbar cushion, hip belt) are designed to maximise ergonomics.

They are filled with water repellent foam which is highly elastic and very quickly returns to its original shape after deformation. The foam elements are covered with AIR NET, which improves airflow.

The shoulder straps can be fluently adjusted on the frame to match the user’s height.

An asymmetrical hip belt is removable and reversible, which allows for better functionality.


Capacity: 55L.
Support system: FAS Ergonomic Military
Material: CORDURA 1000 D
Zipper: YKK
Buckles: ITW NEXUS
Weight: 2050 g
Inner chambers: 2
Number of pockets: 6
Dimensions: 60 x 34 x 26 cm

Straps on FAS support system can not be secured. They loosens themselves and the shoulder straps move further up when you take the backpack off and on.

There is no pocket for drinking system or ports for the tube, although the backpack is a “Military” model.

Zipper to the bottom main compartment may be dimensioned too small.

Plastic buckles on side pockets seems too weak and small in construction. Wisport could use Grimlocks or other types instead.

Carrying system is unbeatable. Super comfortable to wear on your back / shoulders even with heavy gear.

Lots of straps and buckles so you can adjust, optimize and configure your backpack as you want.

You have the option to strap on other models of smaller backpacks from Wisport.

Good quality of buckles, fabric, webbing and stitching.

Good feature that the top lid can be lifted and the backpack can be extended with 10-12L.

Positive feature that the side pockets are removable. This way you can either streamline you backpack or put larger pockets on the side.
Mega long komperssion straps (and straps in general). So there is plenty of opportunity to mount additional gear on the outside of the backpack

PALS webbing on the backpack, making it easy to mount MOLLE compatible pouches.

Strong, well-padded removable hip belt that is asymmetrical and can be turned for better fit.

Shoulder straps can be variably adjusted.

A very good backpack I can easily recommend.