Xtorm AL390 – 18000 mah Powerbank Review

Would you like to charge a laptop? How about your MacBook?  Now you can, with the super powerful Laptop Power Bank 18.000! Plug any 100~230V power adapter directly into our Power Bank.

It’s ideal during a business trip, on vacation or at school. Now you’re able to recharge anything you want, anywhere you want. Be it a laptop, notebook, netbook or tablet – you can charge it without mains.

Besides your laptop, you’re also able to charge a tablet (f.e. iPad or Galaxy Tab) and a mobile phone, all simultaneously!  When the internal battery of the Laptop Power Bank 18.000 is fully loaded, you can even recharge your mobile phone 10 times before the power bank itself must be recharged.

Your laptop’s AC adapter can be directly connected to the Power Bank. Moreover, you’re able to power other 100~230V devices, such as a lamp, game console, shaver or fan as well!

The unit comes standard with 2 USB charging ports, so you can charge two USB devices simultaneously. The Laptop Power Bank itself is rechargeable via mains, using the supplied AC adapter.

Backup battery for charging virtually any mobile (or other) device. This is a Power Bank with both 2 USB ports and a ‘normal’ AC socket for 230V.

Battery capacity 18.000mAh
Battery-type Li-ion
Dimensions 18.7×13.2.7cm
Input DC 19V/2A (adapter included)
Output 2x USB + 230AC (65 watts)
Weight 638 grams
Including Manual, AC adapter, AC charging cable, universal AC plug, Pouch